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Carol Borett

Born in Calgary, Alberta and spent her school years there.  Her mother’s passion for art encouraged Carol’s interest in art. 


She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1985 with a Bachelor of Education in both Art and Special Education. Her teaching career took her to northern BC where she enjoyed experimenting with paintings of northern landscapes.   In the late 1980’s she relocated to the coastal community of Maple Bay on Vancouver Island and continued to teach and develop her painting style.


Carol’s love of the ocean can be seen in much of her artwork. Carol paints in watercolours and acrylics out of her home studio in Maple Bay. Much of her inspiration comes from her travels around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.   Her paintings are realistic and reveal her fascination with water, boats, and reflections. Her work captures the varied moods of the coastal area and the way of life with a unique perspective.


The soft, subtle tones of her work are blended with a distant view to create a scene of hushed introspection.

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