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Dreaming of Marrakech II 29x35 inches  Oil on canvas  $2600.jpeg
Ira Hoffecker
In Harmony-36x36inches-mixed media on canvas-$1800.jpeg
Connie O'Connor
Lubov Soltan-Perfect-day-24x18in-acrylic-on-canvas-$900.jpg
Lubov Soltan
Abandoned Ideas_Mixed Media_36x36in $1900.jpg
Sascha Westendorp
Robeert Ateyo_Revelstoke_12x24_acrylic on wood panel_$600.jpeg
Robert Atyeo
Hidden in Plain View_Acrylic and Collage on Canvas_16 x 20 x 1.5_$590.jpg
Tamara Grand
Tidepool,acrylic on canvas,21x30.jpg
Brian Ball
A Good Balance mixed media on canvas 24 x 24 C$1,150.jpg
Heather MacNeil
Cameron Lake, Waterton Lakes National Park     22” x 28”       Original Acrylic on canvas
Carol Borrett
SPANNING, Richmond, watercolour, image 11x14in, framed 16x20in, $800.JPG
Enda Bardell
Rita Thorp
1. SHWART I Can Find a Way  - acrylic on wood panel -60x75 (24_x30_) $2800.jpeg
Trish Shwart
Breathe Out.jpg
Barbara Maye
Searching_acrylic on canvas_48x36_$3,500_edited.jpg
Michael Schwartz
An Inner Event_ mixed media on canvas_24x24in_$700.jpg
Sande Waters
Catalog# JPG 158 - Disconnected-min.jpg
Joseph Boutros
generations' 36 x 36 acrylic on canvas $2,268.jpg
Chantay Dayal
Caterpillars and Butterflies-60HX 52W-mixed media -3,350 - Copy.jpg
Jeanne Krabbendam
Julia Di Sano
Tracing Sensation _ ELBOW right SHOULDER left – Watercolour Paper Acrylic Ink Pastel – 23x
Elizabeth Wurzinger
JHoskins- Saturation-14x18 -AC-$400.jpg
Jonathan Hoskins
Elizabeth Cross
As if in a Dream_18 x 24_ _Photography _ $300.jpg
Avril Orloff
Mystic Mirage _Mixed Media _30 x 30 Inches _$2,150( Tax included) .png
Maryam Hatami
Lauren Morris - Blooms In May - 20x20 -$750.jpg
Lauren Morris
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