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Elizabeth Wurzinger

Liz Wurzinger was born in Austria and currently lives on Coast Salish territories. Her work is process-focused and combines practices of abstract drawing, writing, graphic design and conceptual art. She describes herself as an experimenter, interested in probing and exploring the nuances of what make us human, to ourselves, and in relation to others.


The human body has therefore played a continuous theme in her explorations. In the ongoing study of the fleeting sensations that make up our physical awareness she has produced multiple series over the past years. The drawings can be understood as haptic receipts of a somatic meditation practice.


A selection of the 2022 series 'Tracing Sensations' is presented here. The process for this particular series was to fixate two of the strongest physical agitations at a time and overlapping them visually, attempting to capture their perceived merging and blending into one another in the body.

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