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Barbara Maye

Barbara is a multi-media artist and instructor who earned her Fine Arts Degree in the shadows of the Mountains of Colorado and Alberta.  Although from Saskatchewan, Barbara finds her deepest inspiration in mountains and forests, where she believes all answers to our questions lie.  

Her paintings are directly influenced by the soapstone that she harvests from the around Revelstoke, BC to carve – in fact, soapstone is used to create the texture on her canvases.  The paintings express the euphoric experience of the stone itself as it emerges into new form through carving after millennia of sameness.  “I’m a little obsessed with rocks.  I always have my pockets full.  They have so much history and wisdom to share, like tiny archives from the great mountains for us to explore.”

Barbara has been honoured to exhibit her work regionally, nationally,

and internationally, as well as receive media recognition and funding from various respected sources.

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