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Elizabeth Cross

Elizabeth Cross is a Vancouver, BC Canada based contemporary abstract artist. Cross is a flamboyant artist that has a passion for all that is love. She is passionate about being in love and how the simple act of love can make your heart swell and overflow. Her art is an expression of her fascination with love and her passionate love of nature. Her floral pieces use vibrant colours (red, orange, blue and yellow) and texture (created using heavy paint and modeling gels). Painting for Cross is a complete addiction, and she is drawn to the movement of nature and translating that onto the canvas through paint. She loves the way the paint flows and how the colours blend into each other with each stroke. She feels that the flowers that she paints depict a similar movement to what love is all about, the “push and pull, the longing, the desire, the heartbreak, the joy and passion”.  All her pieces are titled with “love” in mind.


Elizabeth Cross has a Master’s degree in Bio-Resource/Environmental Engineering and has worked for various corporations helping them to improve their environmental footprints and associated risks. Her love and utmost respect for nature comes ferociously through the art she creates. Cross has 3 children and balances family life with her reverent passion for art.

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