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Randy Oliver

Randy Oliver is formally trained in fine art from the University of Alberta and his studio is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. He draws his inspiration from the human experience and how it relates to the perception and sharing of common values. His work includes both abstract and representation. In his abstracts, he delivers a feeling of movement and excitement.

In his representational work, included in this exhibition, he presents an interesting perspective to the representations he portrays. As a child, I spent a great deal of time in nature at our family cabin in the mountains. I learned to love the rugged beauty, fresh air, and crystal clean rivers that the wilderness provides. I believe it helped to cleanse my spirit. Nature is truly an inspiring reality for me.

My representational work is a result of my experiences in nature. In my work I try to paint a feeling within the representation that is unique and goes beyond the representation itself without departing too far from the reality of the nature I’m representing.

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