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Paola Castro Aguinaga

I am a Mexican artist whose journey into the world of drawing and painting commenced during the earliest chapters of my life. Over time, I have developed an eye for catching intricate details and translating them onto paper. My paintings and drawings weave between the realms of hyper-realistic drawings and abstract compositions.

My early interest in human anatomy and surrealism has slowly taken shape and progressed into allowing me to express my feelings better than my words ever could, or depict themes I am passionate about. I've structured my artistic portfolio into three distinct series, each with its own unique focus and intent: In Women in Their own Light, I portray women through the female gaze. My objective with these portraits is to celebrate the beauty and strength of empowered women through intricate portraits that capture their full essence, emotions, and femininity.

An Inside Journey is composed of drawings that dive deeper into a self analysis of emotions that I have experienced as well as themes that I hold close to my heart. I aim to create impactful artworks that the audience can identify with and find themselves within.

Finally, the YOI Series encourages viewers to unleash their imagination and discover their own reality within each piece. With "YOI" standing for "Your Own Imagination”, I was drawn to the idea of mixing lines and colors in abstract art to obscure my own reality, creating pieces that are able to evoke profound emotions without the constraints of a clear image.

Ultimately, my art seeks to summon the profoundness of emotions that we are not usually in contact with; it seeks to comfort, and inspire the audience, inviting viewers to connect with their innermost selves through the transformative power of creativity.

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