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Terri Connelly

Terri Connelly is a Canadian Interpretive Intentional Visual Artist. Born in Hamilton, Ontario and moved to the West Coast, residing in North Vancouver, BC. Working in acrylic, interweaving watercolor and collage using bold brush strokes and color to create movement, excitement, and emotion, capturing nature, animals, the human connection influencing our beautiful earth. Described as painting with a purpose to tell a story. A story that viewers and collectors can see and add their layer of meaning, deepening the conversation that sparks emotion. One of seven siblings all with artistic talents in design, engineering, writing and educators, Terri considered a career in the art field. However, being more practical and wanting a steady income she chose a corporate career that she excelled at. Terri credits her corporate career in a position of leadership serving people teaching her business acumen, communication, leadership and most importantly connecting with people. Art has always played a role in Terri ‘s life, originally on a part-time basis leading into her full-time profession. Studying at Sheridan College School of Design and Technology, Capilano University, BCIT and an active member of Always staying curious and humble. You can find Terri often on the trails, mountains or shores of beautiful BC connecting with nature and people, getting inspired to inspire by taking reference photographs for her next canvas.

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