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Tannis Seufert

Tannis Seufert, Heart of Fire and Ashes Impactful, evocative art emerges as an expression deep within the Spirit of an Artist. Inner Worlds: Outer Landscapes, 2024 by Tannis Seufert, reflects the importance of cultivating a strong connection of value to yourself in conjunction with the natural world. Tannis is an intuitive artist who lives in the Pacific Northwest of BC, who acquired her fine art training at White Cliffe College of Arts & Design in Auckland, NZ and Fashion & Textile Design training at UCFV in Vancouver creates pieces that allow the viewer to contemplate what the subconscious brings forth in feeling, emotion and image through the abstract suggestion conveyed in line and layers of colour. She brings a spectrum of vibrant, saturated colour via her primary medium of Resin. Incorporating crystals and lighting into her 3D custom hardwood frames, creates the feeling of a living environment and an illuminating texture to her work. She feels it is her responsibility to listen to her medium as to what wants to be emerge and be conveyed to the viewer from the intangible, subtle worlds. Her adjacent, commissioned body of work, ‘The Living Urn Sanctuary’, Est. in 2018, is a custom, resin wall art painting that commemorates your Loved One by incorporating their ashes directly into the painting. The Living Urn Sanctuary concept invokes a new way to remember and becomes a place of contemplation and connection to your memory of your lost Loved One. These paintings carry with them a sensitivity to beholder and their loss.

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