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Paul Gravett

c, born in 1960 in Canada, is an abstract photographer based in Vancouver, BC. Known for his "Colour Studies" series, Gravett's work blurs the boundary between photography and fine art, emphasizing intricate details of colour, light, and texture. Gravett’s abstract photography explores unconventional patterns, hues, and textures, transforming perceptions and sparking imagination. His notable projects, including "Colour Studies," showcase a unique interplay of light and texture, challenging traditional photography norms. Gravett has held solo exhibitions at the A Smith Gallery in Texas and various galleries in British Columbia. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Sweden, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Australia, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. His work is in various private collections. Gravett has received international awards, including the Budapest International Foto Awards (Gold and 1st Place), Tokyo International Foto Awards (Gold), Minimalist Photography Awards (Second Place), and PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris (honourable mention).

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