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Melissa Broersma

Melissa Broersma is a visual artist from Washington State, in the Pacific Northwest. Her main medium is oil on canvas and paper. She also dabbles in mixed media including markers, wax, and acrylics. Her works are mainly figurative. She studied at the International Academy of Design for Interior Design in Seattle, WA. Over the years, Melissa has carved a niche in the art world through commissioned pieces on canvas and the production of interior and exterior murals. She has been painting since she was a little girl. Melissa’s current series, “Dreamland” serves as a poignant testament to her personal journey. It reflects her endeavor to rediscover the innocence and wonder of her childhood self. “Dreamland” offers viewers a journey into Melissa’s exploration of dreams, whimsy, and the yearning for escapism, predominantly within the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. Within this series, viewers will encounter a tapestry of still lifes, figure studies, and landscapes, each bearing the hallmark of Melissa’s distinctive style. Her brush dances across the canvas with a loose, erratic style, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the familiar yet surreal worlds she creates. Through her work, Melissa Broersma invites us to contemplate the boundaries of reality and imagination, urging us to embrace the childlike wonder that resides within us all.

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