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Maryam Mazloomian

Maryam Mazloomian is a self-taught artist based in Vancouver, Canada, who holds a Ph.D. in
English language and literature. Besides her academic achievements, Maryam’s life has been
infused with a profound passion for art deeply rooted in Persian culture. Rejecting repetition in
favor of creating distinct, immersive experiences, each of Maryam's artworks stands as a
testament to her belief in art as a gateway to new worlds and unique identities. Inspired by
Eastern aesthetics, she experiments with various materials to craft textures reminiscent of
ancient traditions, imbuing her pieces with a timeless allure. Maryam's art not only reflects her
personal journey but also serves as a bridge between cultures, inviting viewers to explore the
depths of a rich and vibrant artistic heritage through her singular vision. Maryam has
showcased her art in group exhibitions across diverse locations, including Vancouver Art
Gallery, highlighting her presence in the Vancouver art scene. Her work has also been featured
internationally in exhibitions in Oman, showcasing the global appeal of her creative vision.
Participating in exhibitions like IDF and Black and White reflects her versatility in exploring
themes through various artistic mediums and styles.

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