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Kristjana Gunnars

Kristjana Gunnars is a White Rock-Surrey based artist working in a mixture of media on canvas and paper. She draws inspiration from the changing light in nature and the possibilities that the material she works with can offer. She is also a jewelry maker and combining the two mediums is a challenge she tries to meet. Her paintings are often highly textured with metallic components as well as gold leaf and the paint is often mixed with sand or granules of various kinds to create unusual 3D effects. She also sometimes incorporates fibre materials to reach into the fibre art world. Her work has been shown and sold in various venues in the Vancouver area, the Sunshine Coast, and through ZigZag Art in Belgium. For the present series titled “Slanted Light,” she is inspired by the way the light is constantly changing on the west coast, with the cloud formations and the sun breaking through in jewel tones. She paints what is between things rather than the things themselves.

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