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Hossein Feizi

Hossein Feizi is an Iranian-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, born in Tehran in 1974. A mono-print artist, sculptor, and calligrapher, Hossein's work spans abstract, contemporary, and minimalist styles. With degrees in English Literature, he balances his career as a university lecturer with his passion for art and music. Hossein has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in Oman and Canada. His notable collections include "Shades of Silence", exploring the beauty of silence through acrylic and mono-print art, "Whisper", blending calligraphy and mono-print, and "Jewels of Oman", a collaborative project with the Oman National Museum. Inspired by ethnic patterns, typography, and nature's textures, Hossein's art aims to capture the profound beauty of silence. He plans to expand his artistic reach with solo exhibitions in Canada and worldwide, inviting viewers into the serene, contemplative spaces he creates.

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