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Dragica Mandic

Dragica’s interest in drawing and painting started early and lasted for decades but she only started to paint full time in 2009.

Main mediums used in her paintings are oil and acrylic. Dragica enjoys painting nature scenes but also loves experimenting with portraits. One of the challenges that she likes to tackle are fall scenes with lots of rain and water on the city streets. Being a self-taught artist, Dragica is proud to say that she had four exhibitions in Sarajevo, few in Vancouver and one in White Rock before moving permanently to Canada. As a current resident of Vancouver’s West End, she participated in multiple events around the neighborhood including Art In The City. Dragica has also been part of Art Zone Sun Peaks Anonymous Art Show and enjoyed supporting fellow artists in the mountain community.

Dragica was born in a town of Kragujevac, Serbia but lived most of her life in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today she lives in the beautiful city of Vancouver where she landed in June of 2014.

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