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Sascha Westendorp

She grew up in Northern Germany. Her parents taught her that creativity has no boundaries and gave her endless support to explore. In 1998 she moved to Vancouver. She has engaged in art all her life. With a career that took her from trained and certified Silk Screen Printer to Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design to finally realising that being a fulltime artist is really her calling. About doors and gates and the big question why I paint doors Doors represent so much. They have been there for centuries giving passage to many. The rust, peeling paint and weathered wood tell a story of perseverance and resilience.

The walls surrounding the doors I photograph often show a beautiful patina that gives me an enormous amount of inspiration to use colour and layering. Working with these layers of paint recreating these old walls makes me feel like I am touching the walls again. What is behind the door is always a mystery waiting to be discovered. I want to motivate the viewer to try something new and explore what is behind the door. Doors are meaningful to many people; I invite them to be curious and to see the possibilities.

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