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Majid Sheikh

Majid creates sculptures from wood or spare materials from building sites or byproducts of other processes including re-bar, scrap metal , ceramic, copper, glass and nuts & bolts. This approach significantly reduces the ecological footprint of his sculptures while protecting the integrity of his intended design. Majid’s work embodies themes of ‘Spirituality’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Life’, reflecting his personal interests. Born in 1954 in Tehran, Majid graduated as a civil Engineer from Tabriz University in 1977.

Working as a civil engineer did not fulfill his spiritual needs, so he began self-studying in Art and Architecture. Inspired by Mystical Poetry, he eventually shifted from engineering to art & architecture. Majid considers his architectural work first as art, then for its functional purpose of office, gallery or residence.

One of his residential buildings was among the nominees of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2013.

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