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Candice Grant

Candice is an abstract artist from Surrey, BC. She began painting in search of inner peace. Art is an expression of her love for bold pops of color. Influenced by her internal feelings, intuitive painting provides her with a sense of calm and connection to the present moment. Painting is an opportunity to clear her mind and de-stress from the anxiety she experiences in everyday life. Candice has a deep emotional connection to the freedom of self-expression in abstract art. In her artistic process, Candice allows herself to be guided by the flow of the painting and most often employs acrylics on canvas.

Driven and inspired by the ever-changing environment, she describes her abstractions as "expressions of color.” Inspirations from her environment are from broken lines on the ground, shadows, the shedding of a tree, cloud formations, or how the colors of a rainbow collide. Candice loves hiking and seeing how the colors mingle with each other while collecting rocks and shells along the way. In her abstract paintings, she wants people to feel a sense of joy and imaginative freedom. Color uplifts her mood, it brightens a room and color makes her happy!

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