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Thomas Gould

During the Covid Pandemic, I decided that I would pursue a project that had intrigued me for quite some time - projector photography. It was a period of introspection and reflection, a time when I had the opportunity to explore this artistic avenue and delve deep into this medium.
My inspiration for this artistic journey started when I was young and captivated by the projections created by Maurice Binder in the James Bond movie intros.

His use of projection on dancers’ bodies resulted in such profound cinematic moments and they left a mark on my imagination, remaining with me all these years. It was the interplay between light, motion, storytelling, and unique imagery that ignited my passion for using projectors as a creative medium. After further research, I discovered the works of John French, Howard Schatz, and Eva Mueller.

All of these artists utilized projectors to craft compelling visual images that greatly informed and influenced my approach to projection photography. In my artistic process, I purposefully refrained from using artificial intelligence or Photoshop manipulation, and instead relied on 35mm film slides and coloured gel lighting. All photos are single exposure. This allows me to let the process be part of the image making and to capture the models in a way that is authentic.

Through my projector photography, I aim to explore the profound connection between the inner world of individuals and their external identities (projection). The human experience is rich with emotions, hopes, fears, and a sense of self - all of which are hidden beneath the surface. Illuminated Bodies:Projection Photography seeks to expose these hidden depths and project them literally onto the models’ bodies, creating a unique dialogue that invites viewers to see people in a different way.

My projector photography strives to tell our stories, etched in light and shadow, waiting to be explored, shared, and celebrated.

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