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Sonya Labrie & Tara Pawson

Our practice is rooted in a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. Through the medium of glass, we explore the interplay between light, colour, and texture. Collaboration of the following elements was used to create these pieces: -The process of flame-working requires a steady hand and a deep understanding of the unique properties of glass. Each petal, stem, and leaf is carefully crafted using a torch, with attention to detail and a sensitivity to the delicate nature of the material. -Sandblasting is a technique used to create texture and depth on the surface of the glass.

It involves using a high-pressure stream of abrasive material, such as sand or aluminum oxide, to etch away at the surface of the glass, creating a frosted effect. -Hand engraving is another technique that can be used to add texture and depth to blown glass pieces. Unlike sandblasting, which uses abrasive material to etch away at the surface of the glass, hand engraving involves using a specialized tool called a diamond point to carve intricate designs directly into the surface of the glass.

Through our work, we aim to capture the ephemeral beauty of nature in a way that is both delicate and enduring. By carefully crafting each floral element, and incorporating sandblasting and engraving techniques, we aim to create pieces that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

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