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Sacha Westendrop

Sascha Westendorp is a renowned mixed media artist with over thirty years of professional experience. Her signature door paintings capture the imaginations of people who come across them, inspiring viewers to open up to new possibilities and paths in life. Collectors marvel at these visual portals leading toward unforetold adventures. Her upbringing was full of support to take her creativity as far as she wanted. Her parents taught her not to set limits for herself when it comes to channeling her art. She moved from Germany to Vancouver in 1998 and hasn't looked back since, mastering skills like silkscreen printing, desktop publishing, graphic design, and photography along the way. When it comes down to painting, she sticks with either canvas or wood and plays around with acrylics mixed up with photo transfers - a process that she loves diving into! Each piece is its own unique journey; one that Sascha never gets tired of taking.

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