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Randy Oliver

I’m interested in conveying emotion in my work. I want to portray a kind of emotional excitement. In order to achieve this feeling, I incorporate movement and energy in my abstracts. The movement is often directional, meaning that it flows through the composition. I incorporate energy into the work in various ways. One method is through utilizing bright, intense, fluorescent-like colour. Another way is by creating contrast with light and dark areas. I also create the feeling of energy by rapidly applying the medium in a disjointed directional manner. The visual movement within the composition offers a feeling of energy. In my most recent works that are in this exhibition, I spent a considerable amount of time developing an underpainting, consisting of various tones and values of hues. This is the foundation of my painting, and sets the stage for the movement and energy that I layer overtop while leaving ares open underneath to expose the tones and values. This allows for an interesting depth to the composition, as it shows through the movement and energy. The painting process that I employed for these works, is an intuitive approach that has a structural component utilizing relationships between elements such as colour, space, and form.

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