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Nadija Szram

The art that I create is about having conversations between colours and how those colours affect the viewer by evoking moods that move within the body and being. Texture, dimensionality and colour shifting that mimic nature, according to different lights of the day, also factor into each piece of art. I paint by intentionally getting the mind out of the way to allow the creative force to take a hold of the piece and direct the process to where it needs to go. The final outcome is for a peek into a higher aesthetic, reflecting the beauty of the universe that connects us all. There is a sense of wonder and excitement in creating artwork; a constant interplay of colour that I strive for in order to elevate the viewer out of the ordinary to provide a resting place from worldly issues. Intrinsically I feel that this is the way that I can best contribute to all the ills and injustices that plague humanity. The thrill for the artist in me is when someone connects with my artwork and experiences the love that I had in creating that piece and will now experience it in their home where it has the possibility to affect others.

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