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Trevor Mercer

Trevor has been an artist all his life, teaching himself how to draw and sculpt in adolescence. By 14, Mercer taught himself how to sculpt using wood, using his bond with Nature as inspiration, depicting what goes on “out there.” This credo I follow to this day in pursuit of a life long body of work that speaks to the nature of the Predator/Prey/Environment triad by creating windows on those self sustaining living systems.

Trevor then learned the relief technique which is used to depict his ideas in a diorama format. Inspired by Natures’ energy displays I intuited early on powerful cosmic interconnectedness of the pervasive underlying energy , fundamental in and outside our world.

I am intensely interested in how the universe came about and at 18 began reading everything on Particle Physics , Astronomy and Cosmology and at 23 entered the Alberta College of Art/ Design ,Calgary,( 81 - 85 ) majoring in sculpture - glassblowing , where I started using found objects to tell stories from my past then about the energies of the cosmos . Mercer has lived across the country, but now resides in BC, where he continues to push his art forward.

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