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Lauren Morris

Lauren Morris is an accomplished and passionate Fine Artist born and
raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After completing 4 years of Graphic
Design she worked and traveled to America. It was there that she had the
opportunity to continue with Graphic Design working in Washington D.C.
while attending classes at the Corcoran School of Art, in Arlington, Virginia.
Following seven years of both academic and artistic accomplishments, she
moved to Vancouver where she worked and attended Continuing Education
Classes at Emily Carr.

She developed a signature style characterized by her brushstrokes and
bold color palette. Her compositions often feature a harmonious balance
between realism and abstraction. Drawing inspiration from the beauty and
intricacies of the floral world she creates pieces that evoke a sense of
wonder and introspection.

Painting predominantly with Acrylic on Canvas
she hopes to inspire thought and to evoke the viewers’ emotions through
visual imagery. She continues to challenge herself and shares her
knowledge and inspiration through her teaching of workshops and Art
Classes. Throughout her artistic journey, Lauren has exhibited her works in
galleries and art exhibitions.

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