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David Ives

David (he/him) is proud to live and work in Vancouver on the unceded
Musqueam, Squamish & Tsleil-Waututh territories. Born and raised in
England, David moved to Vancouver for an adventure in 2014 and hasn't
looked back! Loving art and design from a young age, David achieved a
degree in 3D design at Brighton University. He trained as a school
counsellor before moving into teaching Design at High School. David
believes using your hands is good for your head and heart. He long term
vision is to cultivate a space where people can come and reflect on their
mental wellness through repurposing reclaimed materials into meaningful

David's Reclaimed Art showcases the multi-faceted quality and beauty of
reclaimed materials. Using unwanted, broken and excess materials is
helping Vancouver move towards becoming a zerowaste city. His growing
list of sustainable materials include; cedar, fir, hardwood offcuts, used
leather & elk hide remnants, acrylic, metal, acoustic felt, carpet and a range
of material samples from interior designers.

These materials are carefully, yet experimentally combined using a blend of
hand crafting techniques together with the precision of the laser cutter.
Colour, contrast and balance are used to elevate these materials into
abstract aesthetic and visual feasts.

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