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Chris & Martin Pryce

Martin Pryce, initially immersed in the study of art at Beal Tech High School
in London, Ontario, made his foray into the commercial art world as an
architectural renderer. Seeking to broaden his horizons, he moved away
from commercial work to establish the Newmarket School of Fine Art, a
humble endeavour that continues to prosper.

His artistic journey has seen a shift from traditional landscapes towards
modern and abstract styles. Martin now places a sincere emphasis on
design, colour, and pattern, and subtly incorporates elements of fantasy
into his work. This blend serves to create a deeply personal connection
with those who appreciate his art.

Chris Pryce, son of Martin Pryce, initially chose a different path. Martial arts
captured his young heart, while art was explored occasionally. His innate
talent was evident, but art didn't become his main pursuit until after
university and a long firefighting career.

Now, Chris works humbly alongside his father. He contributes to their
collective creations using a variety of methods and materials. From the use
of Midjourney AI to epoxy resin, from minimalist designs to experimenting
with wood, metal, and spray paint, Chris has begun a modest yet intriguing
journey into the world of artistic fusion.

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