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Brendan Baudat

Brendan 'ElectroHeavie' Baudat is a multimedia artist based out of New
Westminster BC Canada. His art spans from the graphic art you see here
to interactive sculptural installations at festivals )*(, writing, invention,
original electronic music, and live audio video performances. Although
shows have been rare he makes art almost everyday even when working in
the arts & entertainment industry as a concert and film technician. Currently
he is putting in the leg work to let the world see the outcropping of what
drives and motivates his life, creative art.

In this series I have attempted to combine the landscape and the abstract
in a world both made abstract and real by the human mind. Exploring the
landscapes of nature and man through the maps of meaning we navigate
and live within. Our interpretation of the brave new world we build brick by
brick from the shoulders of giants - perspectives of a corporation of cells
looking upon another reflection - I have tried to compose this onto canvas
as best I can.

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