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Annette Arndt

Residing in the enchanting Pacific Northwest, Annette Arndt draws
inspiration from the mesmerizing rainforests and the surrounding ocean,
infusing her paintings with either a striking high-contrast realism or a
whimsical journey through nature. Her artistic endeavours encompass the
realms of watercolour and pen and ink, effortlessly transitioning between
art and design.

Through both mediums, she aims to convey a serene
essence amidst the chaos of the bustling world. Annette revels in the ability
to lose herself in her craft, particularly within the unpredictable nature of
watercolour, which often takes on a life of its own.

Situated in the picturesque Lynn Valley of North Vancouver, British
Columbia, Annette hosts an array of workshops, camps, and classes.
Notably, her drawing classes for children are highly sought after throughout
the year. Her fervent commitment lies in equipping children with the artistic
tools they need to pursue their dreams, ensuring they never abandon their
creative aspirations. Furthermore, she extends her workshop offerings to
both children and adults, featuring popular sessions on holiday
watercolours and immersive, half-day art and drawing camps during the
summer season.

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