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Michael Foers

Michael Foers was born in Sheffield, England in 1954.

His work, inspired by nature and the effects of light on organic forms, resides in that realm between realism and the abstract. The bold use of colour highlights a sense of depth in his paintings and distinguishes his work from that of other artists.

Michael spent many of his formative years working in Canada’s north as a trapper, prospector, and lumberjack. Always sketching in his spare time, he picked up a paintbrush one rainy day and discovered a passion that would change the rest of his life. Also being inspired in his early 20’s by the work of Tom Thomson, leader of Canada’s famous group of seven, he finally devoted himself to being an artist. He developed his own style, conscious that he should behold a child’s spontaneity and simplicity.

Now, after many years of painting, Michael’s artistic approach oscillates around sketching the limits of reality and colour while keeping a fresh spontaneous feel to his paintings. "Perspective in a landscape is not to be confused with depth. Perspective delights the eye and satisfies the mind. Depth imparts that ineffable sense if space which draws the viewer into the centre of the painting. Michael Foers has the ability to capture depth in his painting with more the same ease that he captures the play of light and shadow."- John Mayer, Magazin’Art 2005. Included in Michael’s latest works of transitional landscapes and waterscapes, are abstracts which he paints with a sense of colour and space that can only be recognized as his own.

Michael Foers’ works have been shown in several group and solo exhibits across Ontario, Quebec and in Washington, DC. They are also collected by both private and corporate collectors throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

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