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Shaida Shad

Iranian Canadian artist. She was born in 1958 in Iran, and after completing high school diploma, she traveled to London England to pursue higher education. Her artistic life began by joining the foundation in art in Rotherham School of art and design.

She completed a three year course in Textile Design in Huddersfield University which led to a post graduate Diploma in Advanced studies in Textile design at Central Saint Martin School of Design, where she developed her creativity leading to a publication in Interior Design Magazine,(1986 September issue). She used mediums such as Oils Acrylics, Water Colours, Pastels, and pencils with focus on various ranges from life paintings, to landscapes, florals, portraits, memories, and imaginations. She traveled through Europe, and United States, and ended up living in Vancouver where she became a member of The Federation of Canadian Artists.

My inspiration comes from my culture and education background in Textile Design. I express my artwork by the use of bright colours, forms, layers, and textures. Working with colours, using various techniques and learning the principles of designing, created an interest in fine art and ignited my inner desire to find my way to be a professional artist.

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