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Nicole Melnicky

I create colorful abstract paintings on feminism, gender, and queer sexuality. Bold reds, pinks, and purples surface in my color palette, exuding a potent bodily and visceral quality.
Through abstraction I transform my pain into power, by reclaiming my core wounding through electrified color, fluid tubular shapes, and the queer body.

I transcend my pain, by pouring light into my wounds, and transmuting it. By utilizing my intuition, I create paintings that evoke a mysterious and futuristic sensibility. As I envision the emergence of a mysterious, supernatural, and romantic queer future.

By the imagining of a shared twin flame love, a mirror, glimmering with the light of ultraviolence, and luminescence of healing, and love. I manifest my own ethereal dream and vision of a queer utopia, eternal twin flame union.

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