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Mercedes de la Cruz

You want to know why I paint? Because I f***ing love it! I did arts in school and loved being creative but also was so hard on myself about being a perfectionist….so my pieces were never done. Then in my 20’s I decided to act full time and moved my creativity to acting in film and TV not realizing that I could do both. I loved expressing myself in my acting work but always felt like I was missing a part of who I am. Then I found abstract art…where I could throw the paint down, follow my inner guidance, not have it be perfect and loving the flow of the process. That’s where my newest collection came from.

 I was living in Thailand, taking a break from acting and being inspired by the bright colours and gold surroundings. Hence, the collection you see here.

What I would love would be for you right here and now to have a personal interpretation of what you currently feel and see, and for that to change with your ever changing inner world. Because even now,  when I look at these paintings I see so many different things that change in the moment I see them. It’s like life... Ever changing and ever flowing.

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