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Suzy Birstein

Suzy Birstein creates figurative sculptures and paintings that amalgamate old world majesty with contemporary charisma: think Queen Nefertiti meets Carmen Miranda or Ganesha meets Lady Gaga. Her sculptures are created from fired clay, infused with aged and lustred surfaces, glazes, oils, gold leaf…to this she adds repurposed symbolic elements. Her paintings in oil, cold wax and collage both reference and inspire her sculptures.

The two media are in constant dialogue. Suzy is an Honours Graduate from Emily Carr University. She has travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Cambodia, attending and leading master workshops, visiting ancient sites, museums and all that is enchanting. Equally enchanting, her “Motion Pitchers” were gifted to Academy Award actors and directors. Suzy’s visual art and tap performances are exhibited, published and collected locally and internationally, including Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and Mexico.

Suzy shares her love for art and life with the many students she has mentored (ages 6-86) from her two Vancouver studios, Arts Umbrella and Art/Travel workshops.

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