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Elizabeth Opatowiecka

I am a Polish-Canadian artist and life coach who has always been passionate about exploring the human experience through art. I was born in Poland, where I worked as a psychologist with kids and adults. I was performing as a pantomime actor and I always was passionate about visual arts, painting and photography. After moving to Canada, I continued to develop my artistic skills and style, incorporating intuitive approaches and mixed media techniques into my work.

My artwork is characterized by its use of vibrant colors and textures, which I achieve by combining mediums like acrylic paints with ink. The dreamlike quality of my artwork reflects my interest in the subconscious mind and the emotional realm.

As a life coach, I help clients tap into their own creativity and intuition, using art-making as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery. I believe that everyone has the potential to be an artist, and that the process of creating can help us access our inner wisdom and find new perspectives on life's challenges.

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