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Christy Sverre

Christy Sverre is a contemporary artist with a Fine Art degree from the University of Victoria.

Christy's artistic focus revolves around capturing the essence and vitality of her beloved subjects, the ocean and florals.

Christy's art not only explores the depths of the ocean but also delves into the extraordinary world of florals. Her fascination lies in portraying the energy and resilience of life within them. Her florals emerge from the earth's depths, from the chaos of stems and leaves, breaking through these constraints, reaching out for the sun. In this tangled beauty, she finds a metaphor for perseverance and hope – qualities the world urgently needs. Each floral creation becomes a symbol of resilience, reminding us of the strength to overcome challenges and seek the light even in the darkest moments.
Through her art, Christy inspires us to embrace hope and resilience in our own lives.

The cohesive thread weaving through Christy's body of work lies in her brush strokes, lines, textures, and colors, all infused with her collective energy and passion on canvas.

With a portfolio that spans both local and international exhibitions, Christy's dynamic studio is a constantly evolving space, filled with fresh works of art. Visitors are warmly welcomed to explore her collection, providing a glimpse into her creative journey.

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