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Erin is a Canadian artist known for her abstract works. Characterised by texture, bold colours and unique composition. Born in Surrey, British Columbia, Erin has always marched to the beat of her own drum, rejecting societal expectations and embracing a life of wonder and creation. Her journey as an artist began with a passion for digital photography and culinary arts, but it was a life-changing experience that brought her back to her true calling – painting.

As a South Asian woman, Erin has faced the pressure of meeting community expectations, but she has learned that being your authentic self is the key. Her canvases became a channel for exploring her emotions and thoughts. Through her artistic journey, Erin has experienced tremendous growth, both personally and professionally.

She has honed her skills, pushing the boundaries of her creativity and experimenting with new techniques. Each piece she creates reflects her evolution as an artist and her continuous exploration of the artistic process. Erin's abstract art invites viewers to explore the realms of wonder and introspection. She seeks to convey the beauty of embracing one's true self and the transformative power of artistic growth.

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