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Shelley Cooper

Self- taught emerging artist, I was born in South Africa and currently split my time between Victoria BC and Costa Rica. 
I returned to painting only just recently during the pandemic and sign my paintings GG .. I use mostly acrylics but love to add pastels, inks and other mediums. I am inspired by the magic of the natural world.

A description of my art..

“GG Cooper draws inspiration from the jungle gardens that surround her painting studio in Malpais, Costa Rica. Her larger-than-life canvases seem to be breathing and growing like the layers of foliage they depict.  Ripe with bold imagination and layers of life, Cooper’s paintings energetically dance upon the walls.”…. Kristen England artist .

They are currently on display at Galería Pura Vida in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and
The Gallery George in Vancouver Canada.

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