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Sascha Westendorp

Sascha Westendorp is a renowned mixed media artist with over thirty years of professional experience. Her signature door paintings capture the imaginations of people who come across them, inspiring viewers to open up to new possibilities and paths in life. Collectors marvel at these visual portals leading toward unforetold adventures.
Her upbringing was full of support to take her creativity as far as she wanted. Her parents taught her not to set limits for herself when it comes to channeling her art. She moved from Germany to Vancouver in 1998 and hasn't looked back since, mastering skills like silkscreen printing, desktop publishing, graphic design, and photography along the way. When it comes down to painting, she sticks with either canvas or wood and plays around with acrylics mixed up with photo transfers - a process that she loves diving into! Each piece is its own unique journey; one that Sascha never gets tired of taking.
My Art and the story of the doors:
I'm driven by a deep-seated creative impulse. I draw on hope and inspiration to help me move ahead. I often take photographs of doors in the course of my travels and turn them into stunning mixed media artworks. The walls surrounding the doors are incredibly compelling, with their unique patina giving me lots of ideas for using color and layering techniques in my work. Working through these intricate details is almost like touching history itself; something that has been standing there through many years and generations conveys its own strength and resilience. Doors are much more than just a portal – they're a testament to our collective spirit.
My art seeks to provide insight into life's duality and depict the idea of stormy events bringing resolution. Each piece portrays a doorway, allowing viewers to consider potential paths and ponder their meanings. The photo transfer onto the canvas and blending with the abstract surroundings mirrors this message. Multiple layers of acrylic paint come together, creating a sense of peace in the turmoil.
As an artist, I aspire for my work to bring hope and positivity - to lift spirits with its energy. By exploring what lies beyond each door, I encourage others to attempt something new and find fresh perspective on their lives.

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