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Margot Hallman

I am interested in exploring the organization  of colour, line, and texture  in the landscape.
The play  of  rock and water on the Sunshine coast offers endless possibilities to explore.
 I live along side the Trail islands and I am fascinated by the ever changing atmospheric and ocean conditions surrounding them.
The islands present a haunting solidity for me and I try to express this  in my work. They remain eternal and constant amid the ever changing world of tides, storms, fog conditions, forest fires etc.
I hope to inspire a sense of serenity and quiet appreciation of what is universal in the landscape here.’ 

Margot works with the mediums of pastel, acrylic and oil.

She has taken many art courses and workshops throughout the years with landscape artists in Canada and the U.S.  A number of her paintings have been accepted into national and international juried exhibitions. She  is a signature member of Pastel Artists of Canada and an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

The Sunshine Coast has been her home for the last seven years.

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