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Joseph Boutros

I didn’t start out  as a painter. In fact, I’ve never been “into” art, and I’m awful at drawing. So, how did I become a professional artist?

You see, I got an invitation from one of my clients to his birthday party. His girlfriend had arranged a paint night with one of her artist friends.

It would have been easy to turn that down, saying to myself, “I don’t know how to paint. I am not a painter. I am not an artist,” but all I remember saying was, “Oh, sure! I’ll be there!”

The party ended up being quite exciting and fun, and I decided that painting was something I’d love to do again.

That year, I painted 5 pieces. The following year, 2018, I did 85 paintings. To date, I’ve reached around or passed over 200 paintings.

With my background in energy work and my awareness of energy, vibration and frequencies of over 35 years, I am here to awaken and empower a new appreciation and function of art.

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