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Jesse Klassen

Jesse is an emerging artist who completed his BFA at the University of the Fraser Valley in 2018 and his MFA at the University of Calgary in 2022. He explores themes related to spiritual depictions of religious identity in the 21st century through a variety of visual media, including painting, drawing, and sculptural assemblage.

Jesse's art-making approach involves the meditative layering of media to create abstracted imagery that invites viewers to contemplate the nature of the spiritual realm. His research is driven by a fascination with the individualized struggle of establishing spiritual connections to oneself and the 'Divine' within Western pluralistic culture.

Inspired by his own ongoing faith journey and years of study and travel that exposed him to interfaith dialogue, Jesse's artistic practice embodies the sublime and challenging pursuit of spiritual faith maintenance in 21st century Western culture.

Through his creative productions, Jesse invites viewers to explore the spiritual dimensions of existence and contemplate their own relationships with the divine. His art speaks to the complexities of navigating faith in contemporary society and inspires viewers to consider the role of spirituality in their own lives.

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