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Leanna Marie Manning

Through the sensory experience of mark making, Leanna Marie Manning scribbles other worlds. Her work is in constant search for what moves imagination when the body feels attuned to the things around her. Leanna plays with materials that feel good to touch, to see, to smell. Her works dwells in the threshold between the hard sensorial surfaces and affective flows and terrains. Hers is a neurodivergent art: the perpetual search for the canvas that exceeds the frame as it creates its own room in our everyday spaces.

From painting to scribbling, drawing to writing, Leanna’s art gravitates towards other possibilities. She works with watercolours and pencil crayons on heavy stock paper, and she loves photography. Her work reflects on the flows that (over)whelm her. Every trace, and every scribble, is fugitivity affirming

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