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Chantelle Chan

Chantelle Chan enjoys the pursuit of many interests, some of which have been consistent companions. Creating art is one.

The practice of cyanotype has caught Chantelle’s interest at several points, but previously denied. To be creating as a member of the Neurodivergent Artist Collective has been a validating experience, for someone who hesitates to call themselves an Artist. Currently, she is practicing how to grant themselves permission to explore yet another medium to satisfy a curiosity, an itch. Permission to explore is permission to relax into self, neurodivergent brain and all. By gently shifting the internal script on who an Artist is, as well as what it means to be AuADHD, Chantelle is working on layering more ease and embodiment into their experience as a human.

Chantelle is the co-owner/operator of Suelo & Faa, a micro urban flower farm with a Community Supported Agriculture program, in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood. Floral design and arrangement is a constant practice, as well as working with animal and plant fibres to create textiles. Chantelle has spun and knit wool for over a decade, and is slowly building a wealth of skills and knowledge in growing and processing different materials via the EartHand Gleaners community. They currently proudly work with Young Agrarians, an organization focused on the growth and development of young farmers across Western Canada.

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