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Tara Devine

Originally from West Vancouver, British Columbia, Tara Devine is a visual artist and acrylic painter currently based in Port Moody, BC. Since 2020, she has participated in juried group exhibitions with local galleries and arts councils in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Drawing inspiration from her coastal and mountainous surroundings, Tara’s artworks reflect natural elements through her experiences and observations using abstract imagery.

Her distinctive style incorporates the use of bold colors, organic shapes, and a variety of textures.  Tara has an eclectic style and enjoys working with diverse subject matter and exploring new themes, ideas, and materials. I am a visual artist and acrylic painter based in Port Moody, BC. My artistry is characterized by an eclectic style, driven by a myriad of inspirations, including personal experiences and observations, my family, and the breathtaking coastal and mountainous surroundings where I live. Ranging from representational to abstract, my paintings cover diverse subject matter, leaving room to evoke a variety of emotions and interpretations. For this series of artwork, vibrant colors, textures, and abstract organic shapes come together in unique compositions.

My creative process fuses purposeful, gestural, and spontaneous brushstrokes, and celebrates the fluidity of acrylic paint. Each artwork is embued with positive messaging and expressions, sharing emotions of joy, optimism, and peacefulness through the work.

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