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Mark Bowen

Having trained in filmmaking, photography, and fine art - principal visual artist Mark Bowen sees the world in a different light. I don’t have one visual artist style. I view art from all over the world and appreciate different artists styles. I have learned that I see things differently. As is similar with musicians or actors I borrow influences from different genres. If there is one commonality its that I see the beauty in things around me. Every landscape and every scene has a its own energy just like people do.

I’ll visit landscapes at different times of the day in different light and look at different vantage points and details. I try to see things that most won’t notice. Sometimes I walk around in a place for hours just to get a sense of the place. Photography is my starting point and I professionally capture a composition and lighting that is pleasing to me. But its only that - a starting point. I will combine various images which I consider raw material and completely alter the colour palette, combine images and sometimes I will paint them. I alter images in many different ways to suit my taste. I print on various materials including unique materials such as metals, acrylic, and fine art papers. These papers are exquisite fine art papers.

The look they create is very unique. Some of the papers for example are 100% cotton rag and others are textured fine art papers similar to watercolour paper. My recent work is more abstract and painterly where the emphasis is on colour, line, shape, texture rather than an overall landscape scene. One example is the series I recently produced which is an encaustic collection with oil paint on either fine art paper or board.

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