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Deborah Hall

The tension between freedom and control is always present in my creative process and life in general! Attempting to achieve balance in the Cottage Series I started with a rough sketch of the main subjects directly on the canvas. Next I graffitied the canvas with words in memory of happy times at the cottage. Phrases like: “this is family”; “love is here”.

The unintentional shapes created by the messy writing became the basis for the light, shadow and lines in the piece. This process resolved the freedom/control tension, at least for this Series. Still working on it in the other parts of my life.. After years of working a “day job” I’m pleased to say that my art is now collected locally and internationally.

I’m grateful to all the artists who contributed to my education including: Calla Power, Lori Ann Kenney, Tanis Saxby, Justin Ogilvie, Mark Glavina and Chris Charlebois.

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