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Michael Schwartz

Michael was born and raised in Toronto and is the son of immigrant parents who survived World War 2 and the Nazis. They were able to make their way to Canada arriving by ship in Halifax in 1948.

He is a graduate of the York University film program and as with many film school graduates he dreamed of making movies but opted for the TV commercial industry as it offered the best option for getting work at the time.

Michael was fortunate to have had a successful career in the industry and had the opportunity to work with some of the most creative people in the country.

He always had a strong interest in art and started to paint in 2019 with a focus on abstract expressionism, finding inspiration in the works of Rothko, Motherwell, Pollock and de Kooning among others.

Michael works mostly with acrylics on canvas. He has sold a number of pieces privately and hopes to gain more visibility as his work evolves.

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