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Maxine Woogman

Hello! I’m Maxine Woogman, an emerging abstract artist who lives in the beautiful neighbourhood of Kitsilano and has a fabulous studio at the City Centre Artist Lodge at Main and 6th in Vancouver. I began my journey as an artist just over 2 years ago when our world, as we knew it, had changed. Suddenly faced with lockdowns, closures, travel bans, etc., we were forced to stay apart, stay home, and slow down.

I had previously shut down my HR consulting practice and was planning to travel the world more. But, like so many of us, I had to pivot. So, with an abundance of time and an opportunity to “remake myself” – I announced a 30-day challenge on Facebook where I was going to paint and post every single day for 30 days. I called it the “I Don’t Care” challenge as I was going to paint with abandon, with no care for beauty nor outcome, and post regardless of what I felt of my creations. And from this challenge, an intuitive, abstract artist was born.

As an intuitive painter, I never have any idea of what is going to come out of me. I just grab my paints and brushes/tools and away I go. I simply paint from my heart; pouring out from within. Painting this way has turned out to be so freeing and a lot of fun.

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