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Lisa Farrel

Vancouver based abstract painter Lisa Farrell brings spontaneity, direction and strength to her mixed media pieces. Lisa starts her paintings intuitively, without thought of the end product, and spends time experimenting by adding and scraping away acrylic paint, collage, pencil and other media. Once she has multiple layers on the canvas or board, Lisa steps back to reflect and analyse. She then applies her knowledge from past work as an Interior Designer to analyze, edit and bring forward her final result.

She consciously uses the elements of design - shape, colour, form, line, value and texture - to direct and create work that is fresh, integrated and dynamic. Her process is very much one of call and response. She creates joyfully and boldly and strives to catch your eye at a distance and invites you to take a closer look at the fine detail and history of layers beneath the surface.

Lisa has always been an artist, although she spent much of her adult life in other careers. She has consistently furthered her education with courses in multiple mediums. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, she set up a home studio and took a deep dive into making Art.

Lisa lives and works between the forest and the beach on the beautiful Pacific Northwest coast, and is influenced by the nature around her and the juxtaposition created by its contrast to the urban architecture and gritty alleys of her city.

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